We take great pride in knowing that each and every one of our facilitators is an exceptional educator and talented individual. However, once per term we like to select a single facilitator to focus on and tell you a little bit more about…generally if they’ve gone above and beyond for us and the schools in which they work!

Therefore, this term, please congratulate REBECCA DRAKE for being crowned our ‘Facilitator of the term'; well done Rebecca! Want to see why she’s our Summer Super Star? Read on…

Rebecca Drake

There is something to be said for a facilitator who not only loves what they do and are great at it, but they also do it with commitment, pride and positivity; Rebecca IS that Bigfooter. She is conscientious, hard working, diligent and such a ‘yes’ person. When Rebecca takes on a job she really dedicates herself to it in every way; and a Bigfooter who does that is always a diamond in Bigfoot HQs eyes! With a really testing time in our head office team this term, Rebecca has been a constant rock and one who we can always trust and know that, when she takes on a booking, she will follow it through to the end.

Rebecca, we are always so happy and proud of the work you do in Bigfoot’s name, and know how lucky we are to have you as part of our team. Your wonderful facilitation style is often fed back to us by schools and we hope that you continue to grow and flourish as you have been.

Thank you Rebecca; you’re a star!!


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